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Origin: Blaufränkisch (German for blue "Frankish") was believed to be found around the end of the 10th century in Austria. The German name Lemberger derives from the fact that it was imported to Germany in the 19th century from Limberg. Although it is Austria's second most important red grape variety, in the U.S. it is found a market in only a few areas, mainly New York and Washington.

NY Introduction:

Atwater Introduction: 2006

Acreage: Atwater Estate Vineyards: 1 acre/ Total New York:      acres

Taste Characteristics: A late ripening grape producing light and fruity reds, showing mainly dark ripe cherry and dark berry notes. It is characterized by its deep color and by an earthy fruitiness that is similar to Gamay and Merlot.

How we use it: